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It Takes A Special Breed: Crit Racing Strategies for Success

So you want to be a Crit racer? I am here to tell you that it is not for everyone, this is almost non stop rip your legs off, attacks, bridges, attacks, rest a lap, rip your legs off some more and then you start to separate the chaff from the wheat...I love it. How can you compete? Proper coaching coupled with the proper training and you will find yourself winning more primes and podiums.

If you're looking to elevate your racing game, it takes speed, strategy, and a relentless pursuit of improvement. Criterium racing demands a unique set of skills and a tactical mindset. Here are some of my key strategies to help you get better at conquering the challenges of crit racing.

1. **Cornering Mastery:**

*Precision is key.* Practice your cornering techniques to maintain speed through tight turns. Focus on finding the optimal line and mastering the art of leaning into curves, not too far or you will break your hip like me. Seek out local courses or closed parking lots to refine your cornering skills, gradually pushing your limits.

2. **Positioning Tactics:**

*Stay ahead of the pack.* Proper positioning is absolutely crucial!! Learn to navigate the peloton efficiently, avoiding unnecessary energy expenditure. Position yourself near the front to stay out of trouble, but be mindful not to lead too soon, as conserving energy is essential for the final sprint. Do not get caught in no man's land and have to burn so many matches that you have nothing left to close the deal or worse.

3. **Efficient Use of Energy:**

*Strategize your efforts.* You have got to have a plan. If you are on a team then you all will discuss when to make moves, when to go with the move and when to hold back. it is very likely you will have developed or should develop a means of communicating with your team for the duration that won't tip your hand. .Crit races are intense, often with frequent sprints and accelerations. Develop the ability to gauge your energy levels and strategically choose when to attack or conserve. Efficient energy use is the key to maintaining competitiveness throughout the race.

4. **Group Dynamics:**

*Master the peloton.* Understand the dynamics of the peloton and anticipate movements. Use the slipstream to your advantage, conserving energy while staying in a favorable position. Learn to read the race, identify moves before they happen and begin to get in position, if you make your move too late or read it too is too late and your dropped.

5. **Sprint Training:**

*Build explosive power.* Crit races often come down to a fast and furious sprint finish. Incorporate sprint training into your regimen to enhance your explosive power. Focus on interval training and practice sprinting from various positions to be ready for any scenario.

6. **Technical Bike Handling:**

*Get comfortable on your bike.* Develop your bike handling skills to confidently navigate any terrain. Practice quick accelerations, abrupt stops, and handling your bike at high speeds. The more comfortable you are on your bike, the better you'll perform in the heat of a crit race and in the peloton. Don't find yourself getting checked because you can't handle your bike in close quarters.

7. **Strategic Rest and Recovery:**

*Prioritize recovery.* Crit racing is demanding, both physically and mentally. Ensure you prioritize proper rest and recovery in your training plan. Adequate sleep, nutrition, and active recovery sessions will contribute to your overall performance on race day.

It is important to remember that becoming proficient at crit racing is a gradual process and to become really good, it will take years. Consistent coached training, a focus on specific skills, and a willingness to learn from each race and put your ego aside will contribute to your improvement over time. Embrace the challenges, celebrate the victories, and keep refining your strategy.

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