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Major Progress in Recovery Tools: The Firefly Recovery Device

Most of you know me as being frank and honest about my reviews on products or equipment within and outside of Triathlon and Cycling, regardless of sponsorship. Technology within the world of Triathlon, Cycling and really anywhere in fitness is fast paced, flooded with claims, and new products. Recovery, though, is often the key differentiator between average performance and reaching peak potential. I am a former elite athlete and Coach and Owner of TRC Performance Coaching and I am partnered with Firefly Recovery for 2024. This is a cutting-edge and compact innovation that has changed the way me and my athletes recover. I use it everyday and you should to!

Gone are the days of carrying around the big compression boots and machine, this is something way more portable and extraordinarily effective that looks like NMES, but works like Sequential Compression (only better). Now, you are going to say he has to say this, but as with everything I do on Youtube and Social Media, I offer the facts and frank opinion and let you make the choice.

The Science Behind Firefly

At its core, the Firefly Recovery Device utilizes neuromuscular electrostimulation, a technology designed to enhance blood circulation and expedite the recovery process. By applying gentle electrical impulses to the muscles, Firefly stimulates the body's natural mechanisms, aiding in the removal of metabolic waste and reducing inflammation.

There are multiple clinical studies that show the benefits of using the Firefly Recovery device over traditional compression. Specifically, both NMES and IPC devices increased blood flow in the thigh when stimulation was carried out peripherally at the calf. The NMES device increased mean blood perfusion from baseline by 399.8% at the VMA state and 150.6% at the NVMA state, IPC device increased the mean blood perfusion by 117.3% from baseline. Conclusion: The NMES device at VMA state increased microcirculation by more than a factor of 3 in contrast to the IPC device. This shows it is a far superior method to recovery, as compared to compression devices. The link to that study is here for you to read for yourself:

Compact Yet Powerful

One of the standout features of the Firefly Recovery Device is its portability. It is small! Athletes no longer need to rely on bulky recovery equipment; instead, they can discreetly strap on the Firefly and experience the benefits wherever their journey takes them.

The Firefly Experience

This provides a noticeable difference in my recovery times. Whether it's post-training soreness or the aftermath of a strenuous competition, that allows me to bounce back faster and stronger.

Firefly Recovery is a path to quicker, more efficient and targeted recovery. Its blend of science, portability, and user-friendly design make it a remarkable leap in progress in the pursuit of peak physical performance. So, if you want to try it out, head to and use code #TEAMFF to get 15% and experience the difference.

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