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What we do

First things first, here is what we don't do.  We do not have tiers or different package levels.  As an Elite athlete I always thought that pricing scheme was ridiculous and confusing.  Why should one athlete get more attention?  Because they pay more?  Not here.  There are 2 plans:  Triathlon and Cycling. That is it.  

Pricing will be based on your discipline's distance, not how many times you can talk to me or how many times you want me to change your training.  The only thing that will not be the same is your individual training, that is tailored to you only.

What I offer is truly unique Triathlon and Cycling Coaching delivered Training Peaks utilizing years of experience as a Coach and Elite level multi-sport athlete.  

This is race proven training that has led to Team USA qualifications, podiums & PRs, and is for Triathletes, Cyclists or any Athlete looking to get  stronger, fitter, and faster. Beginners, Elites, everyday athletes are all welcome. We have no tiered plans, but we have a lot results!

Fill out the contact form to schedule a free call and assessment. I maintain small numbers and there are Limited Slots available for 2024 for Triathlon and Cycling!

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