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I am a professional athlete and a coach and I know that Athletes who work with a coach are more likely to see greater progress and better fitness than athletes who train on their own!  

Schedule a free consultation so we can go over your current training plan and find out where I can help you improve. This is not cookie cutter.  We work TOGETHER to help you achieve those goals!

Learn how you can benefit by working with a licensed and experienced coach, as well as a professional athlete.  I work with athletes of EVERY and ALL Ability levels, beginner or experienced! 

There are no restrictions or tiered plan levels.  2 Plans (Cycling/Run or Triathlon) for a reasonable prices with no restrictions to communication or plan changes!  I limit my coaching slots for this very reason.  I give each one of you the attention this process requires.  Guaranteed.

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About Me...

I am a Professional Athlete and a member of Team USA for 2022 for the middle and Long Course, fully licensed Endurance Coach, and a Veteran Owned Business.   I specialize in the Long Course, but can also be found in sprints, olympic and intermediate distances.  I also still race Road, XC Mountain Bike, Gravel and Time Trial.  I held my Elite License in the Duathlon, until being injured and getting sidetracked in March and I personally requested a downgrade to focus on gaining my Triathlon Professional License.  Which I plan to achieve by end of year.

I have a degree in Psychology and my training improves, not only your fitness, but your mental strength as well.  I love endurance sport and have for a lot of years.  

I dedicate countless hours to coaching, learning, and training in endurance sport, but also have a family.  So, I understand the need to have balance for you as an athlete seeking a better way and fitness.


Coaching Packages


Individual Cycling or Run Coaching

This plan offers custom coaching in Cycling or Run.  No Restrictions to communications or plan changes. CRIT, Climbing, Time Trials, MTB, etc.  I can coach all run distances, with speciality in the half.  Free upgrade to Training Peaks Premium.  Give me a call and let’s get the ball rolling.


Affordable Triathlon Coaching

Coach Mason is a USA Triathlon, USA Cycling, and USA Track and Field Licensed Coach!  He offers affordable Triathlon Coaching for just one price!  All Athletes receive custom and focused plans that are original to them and analyzation and feedback!  Race day planning, nutrition, equipment, power or HR planning can be overwhelming....I include this as well.  Triathlon can be overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner, let me help to alleviate the stress and teach you!


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