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**Accepting athletes for  2024!**

"I believe every athlete is capable of being an elite version of themselves, but they are limiting themselves based on previous failure or what they have been told. All I do is continually question those limiting beliefs that you have been fed or self created, and I help you find your truest form. As a coach, I not only help you find your best athletic form, but I also help you gain the confidence and mental strength needed to succeed in every aspect of your life." - Coach Mike

Triathlon Coach


Coach mike

I am a Coach, former Elite Athlete, Father, and a Veteran.  I retired from the Navy, as a Senior Chief, in September 2021 and earned my elite license just 2 months later.  I trained and cultivated hundreds of Sailors in my 20 year career, while also competing at an Elite level and I bring that same passion for teaching and learning to coaching all of my athletes of all skill levels in Triathlon and Cycling for the past 7 years as a Coach.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and I use that knowledge to develop plans tailored to your specific learning approach.  I believe that coaching is a collaboration and for it to be successful you have to understand the WHY of a workout, your WHY as an athlete and HOW we are going to get there.  I am constantly learning, refining, testing so that I can find every way to help you achieve your goals.

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Unique high performance Triathlon and Cycling coaching for athletes looking for a highly personalized experience and hands on approach to their training. Every athlete receives my personal attention and all plans are tailored to you and only you.  Whether you are time crunched, a beginner, elite, or just need a change, I provide a highly customized and race proven experience to help you achieve your goals in Triathlon and Cycling.

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"Your training works! I broke the 1K watt barrier!"
-John l.

"I wish I would have done this sooner."
- Jose G.

"Prior to starting I would ride aimlessly with no structure or using a googled plan.  I was fatigued and getting nowhere.  He is very responsive, rides with all of us.  He has given me confidence that I can be a successful multi-disciplined athlete.  I am a lifelong customer!" 
-Debrien J.

"Very flexible and attentive to my busy life"
-Cristina L.

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TRC Performance Coaching and TRC Endurance Racing serves Stafford, VA, Central Virginia and world-wide.  We train together, race together, fail together and it takes a lot of support to keep this machine moving.  


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coach Mike Mason


USAT, USAC, USA T&F Licensed Coach

Tel: 571-331-4797


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