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Helping everyday athletes achieve elite results all over the world!

**Accepting athletes for  2024!**

**Excited to Offer Comprehensive and Mobile Bike Fitting in 2024!**

Triathlon, Cycling and Running are endurance disciplines that demand dedication, strategy, and a well-crafted plan.  To unlock your athletic potential and conquer the unique challenges of swimming, cycling, and running investing in an experienced coach is a game changer.  Coach Mike is that force multiplier that will help you accomplish your goals!  



Coach mike

Coach Mike is a retired Navy Veteran and has been coaching for 8 years.  He trained and guided Sailors, while also competing at an Elite level and  brings that same passion for teaching to coaching all of his athletes no matter the skill level.  He has been an athlete his whole life and started racing bikes again back in 2015 and then quickly moved into the world of multi-sports.  He found many successes and earned his Elite License in 2022, as well as a member of 2022 and 2024 Team USA for Middle and Long Distance. 

He has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and uses that to develop plans tailored to your specific learning approach.  He believes that coaching is a collaboration and for it to be successful the athlete needs to understand the WHY.  He believes in constantly learning, refining, and testing so that he can find every way to help you achieve your goals.

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How it works

1.  Schedule a Consult

Schedule an initial consult by filling out the form below or hitting any of the contact us buttons.  We will discuss your background, experience, life dynamics and goals. As a coach I need to see the whole picture to build the best plan for your time and goals.

2.  The Plan.  

After learning your goals and based on the time you can train and your current experience level, we will work together to create the best plan to reach those goals.

3.  Scientific and Proven Training

This is scientific and proven training that has yielded years of results for my athletes.  It all starts with 3 tests, for Swim, Bike, and Run.  I will set your training zones (Power, RPE, Heart Rate), however you are training to create a periodized training schedule that fits within your lifestyle.  Training is delivered in weekly increments every Saturday or Sunday with big workouts on the horizon scheduled well in advance for planning or adjustment.  Ironman, 70.3, Endurance cycling requires lots of time on the road and we will work to ensure this does not derail your family or work life. 

4.  This is a Partnership

We will work together to ensure every detail is looked at to give you the most efficient and fun training and racing experience.  I will advise you on equipment, nutrition (in and out of racing), recovery.  I am there every step of the way 24/7.  There is nothing canned about this process because this is true 1:1 coaching

So, what's the next step?

If you are interested in working with me as a Triathlete, Cyclist, or Runner then you will fill out the "Get in Touch" at the bottom of the page.  After you submit, I will reach out to schedule a no obligation coaching consult.  I do not offer tiered plans that increase and inflate cost.  I have a Triathlon Monthly Plan, Cycling Monthly Plan or Running Monthly Plan.  Cost is based on distance and it is a flat monthly fee.

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"Your training works! I broke the 1K watt barrier!"
-John l.

"I wish I would have done this sooner."
- Jose G.

"Prior to starting I would ride aimlessly with no structure or using a googled plan.  I was fatigued and getting nowhere.  He is very responsive, rides with all of us.  He has given me confidence that I can be a successful multi-disciplined athlete.  I am a lifelong customer!" 
-Debrien J.

"Very flexible and attentive to my busy life"
-Cristina L.

Team Partners

TRC Performance Coaching and TRC Endurance Racing serves Stafford, VA, Central Virginia and world-wide.  We train together, race together, fail together and it takes a lot of support to keep this machine moving.  


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coach Mike Mason


USAT, USAC, USA T&F Licensed Coach

Tel: 571-331-4797


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