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If you are looking to improve as a Cyclist, Runner, Multi-sport Athlete and want a valuable resource, desire guidance, you are absolutely in the right place.

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If you want a coach and mentor to reach your peak potential and realize that with a little work and guidance you can achieve what you strive for as an athlete.  I am the coach and mentor you are looking for. 


The Roaming Cyclist - Racer and Coach

I am a fully-certified Coaching Professional and Veteran Owned Business, looking to help clients everywhere achieve their personal cycling, running and fitness goals. 

My workouts are challenging, proven in and out of racing, and most importantly they are fun. I am a husband and father, I know your time is valuable and that you want the most fitness bang for your buck.  I can give that to you!

I have been an athlete the entirety of my life and I have focused on creating workouts outside of the norm that benefit those short on time and those with more time to give. 

I am a competing Duathlete who will compete at the 2021 Long Duathlon National Championships, Time Trialist and Road Racer, MTB, and half- and Full-Marathon. I still train every day at a high level.  I am a Hammer Nutrition Sponsored Athlete and I am here to put you on top of the podium and even more importantly feel better in your own skin and overall have better fitness and longevity.

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TRC Endurance Racing

TRC Endurance Racing is more than a team, it is my life!  This coupled with my coaching will become the premier endurance team in Stafford, VA!  I already race under this brand and we have brought home victory for 2021! 

I will look to begin hosting group rides, local clinics right here in Stafford, VA!  

If you are interested in joining a team that will lead to fun, learning, competition, great supplied nutrition products, and great fitness...then look no further than TRC Endurance Racing!