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Do you Cycle, Run, or do both, by being here you are taking the first steps to becoming a better athlete, regardless of skill level.  TRC Performance Coaching is all about education, preparation, and helping you achieve your fitness goals!

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I am an Elite (Pro) Duathlete, a member of Team USA, and a USA Cycling and USA Track and Field Licensed Coach. I offer personalized, race proven, and results focused programs for athletes of any skill level.


All of my coaching is delivered online through Training Peaks. To make it as simple as possible, you will receive daily emails detailing the prescribed workouts and they will also be uploaded to all of your connected devices for a FULLY structured experience.

My workouts are fully custom and adjusted to meet any fitness level! All of my athletes enjoy race day strategy, mentorship, sponsor discounts, premium training peaks accounts, annual training plan development, gear and basic nutrition recommendations!  You will also be doing an awesome group of athletes!

*Additional services are also available such as destination training camps, book me to join you, and one-on-one training sessions.


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About Me...

I am an Elite Athlete and licensed Endurance Coaching Professional, Veteran Owned Business, and Elite Athlete.  I am a Duathlete specializing in Long Course, Road Racer, XC Mountain Biker, Gravel Grinder and Time Trialer.  I ride all of the bikes!

I dedicates hours to this sport and also has a family.  So, I understand the need to have balance for you as an athlete seeking a better way and fitness.  I will ensure you have balance in life while you are gaining fitness on the bike, the run, or the Duathlon.  You will see results!

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